Saturday, 17 January 2009

Last one

See the same problem not enough room for the title, another trick to get it to fit. I believe its My Minds Eye again.

Underneath the pic I've printed out the details how this taxi was restored, I don't believe Simon still has this Taxi.

Did you notice the child labour and that a man is actual on his hands and knees hoovering. The papers are Basic Grey and could be Pebbles.

No idea of the papers again and once I put Birthdays on the page I couldn't see what else I could do without making it too busy. The ages were put on because Jill had put the year or how old Simon was on the back of the photo.

This photo was taken in December by Amanda and e-mailed to me so is probably the latest pic of Simon.

I still had photos left that i felt were really nice ones that didn't fit on the other layouts, I especially love my brothers sunglasses, I wonder if he's kept them they probably coming back into fashion.


  1. Wow Debby this is absolutely amazing. There must be hours & hours of work here. What a fantastic gift.

  2. This is a truly fabulous project and I'm sure Simon will treasure it forever!
    Sandra xx

  3. This is just fabulous and your nephew will love it. A lot of work but well worth every minute ~ Mel x

  4. What a fantastic keep sake for your nephew I'm sure he will appreciate all the work you have put into it x

  5. Absoulutly fab what a fantastic present "This is your life" I'm sure he'll love it. Shellx