Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A-Z of Me

Finally my year long project is finish, photographed and blogged. I've thoroughly enjoy this challenge and I really missed doing this but I don't think I would be able to keep it up without the prompts from Its a Creative World blog.
The pictures should go larger if you click on them.

Underneath the chipboard is some journalling it reads
My Mum was always knitting , we were very poor when I was little and Mum used to buy old woolies from jumble sales and reknit them. My favourite jumper was mad with 3 jumble jumpers.

My sister sews, her own clothes and her childrens.

I knitted from the age of 11 till arthritis stopped me in 1997, my sister convinced my husband that cross-stitch was cheaper than reading books. She lied. Not only do I cross-stitch this crossed over to cardmaking. In 2005 my sister convinced me to make a Scrapbook for Mum, so now I Scrapbook too.

If you unwrap the tombstone you will find some more journalling it reads;

Embarrassing thats what my grown up kids say about me. But really isn't it called payback time. Remember the terrible twos when you're in the middle of the supermarket or a shopping centre and you're gorgeous daughter decides to have a tantrum can you believe someone that beautiful can make such a noise. How about when you're bright son overhears a conversation and promptly lets the cat out of the bag to the very person you wanted it kept from. Bringing up children meant very often wanting the floor to open up and swallow you whole. Embarrassing who me!!!!

And if you pull that tag there's yet more journalling;
When I first started scrapbooking I never knew what a sociable hobby it was. When my sister and I went Scrapcamp we met total strangers who became firm friends and when we decided to go to SC2 my sis found Valelady on UKS forum who was going too and my siter invited her to house for coffee. I told my sis you can't invite a complete stranger to you home, you need to meet in a public place. So it was decided to meet at Bagshot Lea. Little did we know Valeladys's family were really worried for her to meet strangers off the Internet. We didn't have to worry though we recognised Valelady from classes we took at Craft&Co. Poor Nikki had a similar experience and now we're firm scrapbuddies. Which leads to a crop that Valelady, JPDuck and FairyKaren arranges once a month and yet more friends.
Don't panic I've notice that this breed should be bred and I have changed this but obviously didn't photo it again, this post has cause me a bit of headache so I'm not going to change it so imagine the extra e just isn't there!

This is hubby so you know there will be journalling somewhere.

I couldn't do a book of me without including John somewhere. We've been together for 32 years. He is my rock, my other half and maybe when we met I was probably too young to make a huge decision like marriage but it was the right one I've never regretted us being together.

On the tags there's some journalling;

There's nothing like the feeling when they first hand over the tiny miracle of your child and I was lucky enough to experience the joy twice.

Being a Mum is hard and you can only do your best and I hope my children understand that my best wasn't always right but at least I tried.

Underneath the flap is journal ling it reads;

Music has played an important part of my life since I was a little girl growing up with a house full of teenagers in the sixties to a Bay City Rollers fan and adoring David Essex. Music also played a large part of my childrens life music constantly played ,first records, cassettes, the cd to finally i pods.

And its true when my kids were scrabbling, I banned electric and only I could play my music so that would be Celine Dion then.

I can't start the day without a cuppa of tea. Not too much milk and no sugar with nice rosie lee colour.

Since making this journal you add another boy to the group of children, that make 6 Grandkids for my youngest brother.

I thoroughly enjoy making this journal and I'm already missing doing something like this but without the prompt each fortnight from Its a Creative World blog I'm not sure if I would keep it up.